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About Ralph

DC Dog TrainerRalph Moores has been successfully training dogs since 1978. He is known for utilizing kind, gentle, and effective training methods.  His warmth and open leadership styles have earned him a reputation for being a respected and valued Dog Trainer.

Ralph developed a full curriculum for pre-school through college training to meet the diverse needs of his clients and their dogs. He knows that dogs are naturally curious about their world and learn best in informal, flexible environments.  In addition to in-home training.  Mr. Moores may choose a variety of education training sites such as parks, towns, and stimulating play areas.

He teaches owners what and what not to expect of their dogs.  His focus is on teaching clients to understand the dog’s mind and how dogs learn. He instructs owners how to define clearly what they want from their dogs while creating leadership in a fund and meaningful way.

Based on a profound understanding of dogs, Ralph demonstrates the joy of teaching a dog to learn and facilitates problem solving in every training session.  He is dedicated to establishing a nurturing educational atmosphere of trust and cooperation with every client and their dog.